About us


Airsa Chakad Kish is a privately held corporate which has been founded in the early 2019 by some of Iranian aviation experts who have valuable and various aeronautical experiences in initial and continuing airworthiness management, in response to increasing demand of aviation industry in Iran. The focus of our business is aircraft design activities, production of aircraft parts, maintenance and engineering solutions.

We do minor and major changes to aircraft Type Certificate (TC) and repair design for large aeroplanes in accordance with the scope of work and privileges of our CAO.IRI DOA certificate. We do also the entire Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Engine Condition Trend Monitoring (ECTM) services by using our own-developed engineering softwares for almost all of the aircraft and engine types without limitation.

Meanwhile, we have planned to establish line and shop maintenance organizations based on the CAO.IRI Part-145 regulation and production organization based on the CAO.IRI Part-21 Subpart-G.


Thanks to our long years of experience in the aviation industry, we have learnt how to constantly come up with new solutions, improve our knowledge and operation processes in order to remain competitive. Our staff, at the heart of our corporate, are also fully aware of how important quality, reliability and safety are to you. They commit to demonstrate dedication and passion in their daily tasks with one single goal: satisfy and gain the trust of our customers. Our know-how and our work ethics allow us to provide you with the highest levels of performance, adaptability and reactivity.


For the time being, we have gathered and hired some of the best universities’ graduated and talented students and also pioneers and knowledgeable experts in the company’s scope of activities. The brilliant background of previous successful experiences of all Airsa founders in the fields of intended activities, has encouraged us to invest for creating a new brand: Airsa. We want to be the first and best DOA, POA and MOA holder in the Iran’s Aviation private sector, as well as being the best engineering solutions.