mAINTENANCE organization

mAINTENANCE organization

Description ofMaintenance Organization

The “CAO IRI Part 145” regulations include procedures for the approval of maintenance organizations known as Maintenance Organization Approval (MOA). The MOA certificate is the recognition that a Maintenance Organization fully complies with the requirements of the CAO IRI Part 145 as applicable, and grants privileges for the organization to perform the maintenance activities for the entire aircraft (line or base), complete engine or APU, and the aircraft’s other components.

AircraftLine Maintenance

The line maintenance should be understood as any maintenance that is carried out before flight to ensure that the aircraft is fit for the intended flight and may include: Trouble shooting, Defect rectification, Component replacement with use of external test equipment if required (component replacement may include components such as engines), Scheduled maintenance and/or checks including visual inspections that will detect obvious unsatisfactory conditions/discrepancies but do not require extensive in depth inspection. It may also include internal structure, systems and powerplant items which are visible through quick opening access panels/doors/ Minor repairs and modifications which do not require extensive disassembly and can be accomplished by simple means/ temporary or occasional cases for AD and/or SB accomplishment.

Category “C”Component Maintenance

‘Component’ means any engine, propeller, part or appliance. The category C class rating means that the approved maintenance organization may carry out maintenance on uninstalled components (excluding engines and APUs) intended for fitment to the aircraft or engine/APU. The limitation section will specify the scope of such maintenance thereby indicating the extent of approval. A maintenance organization approved with a category C class rating may also carry out maintenance on an installed component during base and line maintenance or at an engine/APU maintenance facility subject to a control procedure approved by CAO IRI.


The establishment of Airsa Maintenance Organization is under process and at the first step it comes soon with the scope of aircraft line maintenance services in Isfahan international airport for three aircraft types: Airbus A320 family, Boeing 737 classic, and the Boeing MD-80 series.

Meanwhile, the establishment of component maintenance shop will be initiated soon for some of the aircraft components.